• CCTV Systems Monitoring & On site Response

• Static Guarding or Receptionists

• Random Mobile Patrols

• Cash-in-Transit & ATM Management

• Secure Bulk Storage & Vaulting

• Local Document Delivery Service

• Security Training – Private Guards Licence Courses

• Intruder, Fire-Alarm, and Temperature Systems’ Monitoring & On Site Response

• Control Room Management

• Secure Escort

• Vehicle Tracking

• Cash sorting and counting

• Security Consulting & Training

• Basic Counter Terrorism Security Consulting & Training

CCTV Monitoring and Response

The CCTV Monitoring and Response system is a new service that capitalises on the latest developments in technology and telecommunications.



Through this system we are able to monitor from our 24 hrs manned head quarters clients' premises. We are in a position to monitor CCTV, burglar alarms, fire control as well as temperature control systems.



In the event of an alarm activation our Base Officers will analyse the situation and instigate a suitable response which may include dispatch of our mobile units and alerting the police and emergency services as may be required. This service is ideally suited for offices, warehouses, factories, retail outlets and supermarkets. We can install or link our monitoring service to new or existing systems. We would need to carry out a survey of the relevant sites in order to formulate a specific proposal.


Security Service Malta Ltd. will supply uniformed security officers, male and/or female, who can carry out reception work besides their normal guarding duties.


Guarding Assignments

Prior to commencing guarding duties, a survey of your site will be carried out and assignment instructions will be drawn up in accordance to your requirements and instructions. Copies of these are held by yourselves, the guard and our control centre.

24-Hour Manned Control Centre

All guards whilst on duty are in constant radio contact with our 24-hour manned control centre. Furthermore, they are visited on a regular basis by our mobile supervisors.


Benefits of using our Guarding Services:

 1. All employment and social responsibilities of our Officers are ours (i.e. shifts/ overtime/ sick leave/ leave/ Bonus etc.)

 2. Our Security Officers are covered by a third party liability insurance.

 3. Full time, licensed officers are highly trained in their profession and will therefore give you a high level of service which is supervised by our own staff.

 4. Since our guards do not form part of your Company, there will not be any familiarity with your staff, hence ensuring that the security service is carried out in a fair and just manner. Our officers will also be rotated regularly.

 5. Our staff will be uniformed and equipped with all the equipment necessary to carry out their duties efficiently.

 6. Security staff will report and only take instructions from our agreed contact person.

 7. Due to our commitment to total customer satisfaction, our service is totally flexible and can, therefore, be altered to suit your changing requirements as regards to guarding duties, schedules and personnel.

 8. Security Service Malta Ltd. operates from Headquarters, built to UK security standards, which are the only premises in Malta built specifically for this purpose.


Security Service Malta Ltd. is in a position to offer mobile patrol services. The vehicles which patrol our customers' sites are manned by trained guards who are equipped with radio communications which enables them to be in contact with both our central station and the guards on site.


This service is available during the silent hours from 19:00 to 07:00 and can be availed of for random patrols even using the Data Torch System. This is an efficient and cost effective way of having sensitive spots patrolled at night without having a full time employee on the spot. In fact we have a large number of our customers who make use of this system patrolling their premises on a random basis during the night, without actually being full time on the spot.

Cash-in Transit

Our mobile patrols are backed by a modern Data Torch System, whereby all patrol compulsory zones will be registered on the spot by the latest guard control system. We will be then in a position to provide our customers with a print-out of patrol visits carried out.

Our Cash-in-Transit services, which are fully insured, have been designed especially to cater for the Business Community's requirements, increasing efficiency while eliminating personal risk for our customers' staff and ensuring that the movement of valuables (cash, documentation etc) reaches their destination safely and on time.


Our CIT services are supported by an organisation which has received extensive training. All our CIT staff have been security screened and specially trained to meet the highest security standards.

For the additional security of our customers' assets we are now the only security company in Malta to operate with the "Alu Euro Case" system, which greatly enhances security in carrying cash. Any theft of these cases will in a few

 seconds, result, in the contents being impregnated with red indelible ink making any contents worthless and consequently the attack useless.


All our Cash Vans are followed by a satellite tracking system, which not only tracks our vehicles but is also able to control certain important functions in the cash van such as the opening of the van vault etc. Security Service Malta Ltd. will collect cash from customers' premises and deliver to their bank according to an agreed schedule.

secure storage

We are in a position to provide for Secure Storage of goods of any volume and type. Depending on the security required they can be stored in secure areas, also if need be in vaults which are of the highest level of security.

In this regard a popular service that we offer is the storage of back-up IT data which we collect ourselves from customers offices on a regular basis for storage in our vaults.

Alarm monitoring

We will arrange, through a competent alarm installer, for the alarm located at your premises to be connected to our 24 hour manned control centre, by means of digital dialers, where it can be monitored for alarm activations.


In the event of the alarm being activated, our control centre operators will contact our mobile patrol officers, who will proceed to your premises to investigate the activations. Our control staff will also contact your emergency number to advice of the activation. Our supervisor and/or patrolman can also rendezvous with your contact at the premises depending on your instructions.


We are licensed to hold Private Guard Training Courses in terms of Article 23 of the Private Guards and Local Wardens Act (Cap. 389) and Regulation 5 of the Private Guards Regulations 1996 Ref: MHAE/198/95/VII. We are in a position to organise any type of tailor made security course for your staff in our Training Hall at our HQ in San Gwann. Ample public parking is available. Course content is discussed a priori between you and our trainers. Our trainers are fully qualified and are able to carry our any sort or security training.

Main benefits of our courses

 1. Tailor made course content according to your requirements;

 2. List of possible suggested topics for your guidance;

 3. Length of course at your option;

 4. Our Principal Trainer is one of the most experienced security trainers in Malta;

 5. Rates applied on a per trainee basis;

 6. Small groups for individual attention (not more than15/20);

 7. We are a fully licensed organisation to hold courses for private guards;

 8. Light refreshments served during breaks.

Special Services

We can provide uniformed or plain clothes, male or female, officers to carry out searches or spot checks as requested by your good selves.

These can be arranged at random.